Safe, Natural Weight Loss Supplements

By Ali Wetherbee Whether you've been trying for a while to lose a substantial amount of weight, or you just want to get rid of the few extra pounds that crept up on you over the holidays, you're not alone if you've pledged to shed fat in 2015! At least 1 out of 5 Americans make "Weight … Continue reading Safe, Natural Weight Loss Supplements

New Year, New You!

By Ali Wetherbee Now that we're one week into 2015, how are you doing with your resolutions so far? While most people -- up to 75% -- stick to their New Year’s resolutions for that first week, after one month that number drops to 64%. By 6 months, only 46% are still on track. Where do … Continue reading New Year, New You!

Dangers of Caffeine in Supplements

By Ali Wetherbee Just last week a tragic story made news headlines worldwide. A young woman from Scotland, Cara Reynolds, died after taking a raspberry ketone supplement produced by Forza containing large amounts of caffeine. Cara’s grief-stricken family is now pushing for this product to be taken off the shelves. According to news reports, Ms. … Continue reading Dangers of Caffeine in Supplements