5 Facts We Absolutely Know About Good Nutrition

Though there is much debate in the scientific community regarding the role nutrition plays in development of health and disease, a few facts exist that are relatively certain and based on a body of good research. Like everyone else, we’ve grown weary of the countless fad diets and claims about miraculous results just by eating … Continue reading 5 Facts We Absolutely Know About Good Nutrition

When Organic Isn’t Good Enough: Food Labels, Beyond Organic

It’s a problem more and more of us are beginning to face: You walk into your local natural food store, and find yourself disappointed with the selection. Frustrated with offerings nearby, I started driving a bit further to a very expensive natural food chain. I was so excited walking in, imagining my grocery cart piled … Continue reading When Organic Isn’t Good Enough: Food Labels, Beyond Organic

Homemade Toddler Formula Recipes

One of the questions we are most frequently asked is whether we sell toddler formula. There is a Nourishing World Toddler Formula; it is not, however, affiliated with us in any way. We looked into theNourishing World Toddler Formula and found that, while it did contain some great organic ingredients, many of the vitamins are … Continue reading Homemade Toddler Formula Recipes

Beat the Winter Blues

By Ali Wetherbee As the days get colder and darker, 25 million people across the country suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and up to 20% of Americans are dragged down by a milder form of seasonal depression. Depressed mood is not the only symptom of the winter blues; many may not notice any change … Continue reading Beat the Winter Blues

Are You Getting Enough Zinc?

 By Ali Wetherbee Zinc is essential for cell health, growth, and division. It plays a critical role in the functioning of the immune system, the neurological system, and hormone production. It helps the body fight off illness and recover from colds quickly. Zinc is necessary for vision, taste, and smell. It keeps hair, skin, and … Continue reading Are You Getting Enough Zinc?